Northern Lights Lounge | Real Detroit Weekly

Red sofas inside the lounge

For guests, the Northern Lights Lounge is becoming a true destination into Detroit nightlife.

Compared by some to the look of a 1960s-’70s rec room, the interior is decked out with knotty pine-paneled walls, glass-block windows, and classic furnishings. The space is cloaked in subtle lighting with cocktail tables and numerous circular booths circling a small dance area with DJ space. and DJ perch. For diners, the restaurant space in understated and inviting, allowing you to enjoy the wide-ranging menu which features terrific appetizers, sandwiches, house made burgers, and more. The mixed crowd enjoys the variety of drink offerings, ranging from Hacker-Pschorr, Bass, Harp, Guinness to Bud, Bud Light and Miller Lite, as well as numerous other cocktails and drinks. As for diversions, there’s a 20-foot-long shuffleboard table game, free wireless internet, and a big screen television arranged in a home-style space that makes for great comfort. Whatever you’re wanting, you’ll find it if you just follow the Northern Lights.


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